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1. How did you guys come up with your name?
Well there are two stories one about my dog who used to shit all over the floors and because of that we named our band after him and the other story is we used to say SQUIRT alot kinda of as a personal joke between us and before we had a name we were all sitting around thinking of one when pete said SQUIRT as a joke and we liked it and names our band SQUIRT. Thats how it happened but you go ahead and pick the story you like.
2. How did you become a band?
Well, Dean and I were talkin on the phone and decided to start a band so we asked a friend of mine if hed like to do it and he said yes. But there was a problem Dean didnt have a guitar, I didnt have a drumset and my friend, the only one with an instrument, wasnt to into it. So, we kicked him out and picked up Pete who only had an acoustic guitar, but would try. So now we had a singer/guitarist a lead guitarist and, me , a drummer, no one with an instrument and we were short a bassist. Well one day dean heard about ricky playing bass so he asked him and ricky actually had a usable bass so now we finally had a band. But, we needed two things, instruments and a name.
3. How old are you guys?
Pete is 17
Jamie is 17
John is 16
Dean is 16
4. Have you always been a punk band?
No, we havent, we used to like alternative and play alot of stuff like Bush, so the first year we were together we were an alternative band. After that year we started listening to punk-type stuff so we are now a punk band, and have got it down.
5. How can i hear you guys?
Well i am putting a site in here w/ sound soon so check the main page
Also Join the mailing list and youll be notifiedd the second we get sound or new sounds up!
6. What does "SQUIRT" mean anyway?
well we didnt really name our band for any reasons we just needed a name i guess so there ya go.